Cameron Park/Shingle Springs Market Report

There are 49 homes for sale under 1 acre in Cameron Park, Shingle Springs and Rescue areas. There 1 short sale and no bank owned properties for sale.

The 28 pending sales have average days on the market of 18. There were 79 sold listings in the last 90 days and having been on the market for 23 days. Comparison of list price to sales is an excellent 99.3%.

There are 34 listings of rural properties which also include homes in Shingle Springs, Rescue and Latrobe areas. Of these properties, there are 2 short sales and no REO’s (bank owned).

There are currently 25 pending sales with average days on the market of 48. Average days for the 45 sold listings in the last 3 months is 60. List price to sales price ratio is 98.2%.

Cameron Park is a relatively new community in a county where gold was discovered in 1848 to set the stage for the California Gold Rush. Visionary Larry Cameron purchased the 5000 foothill acres that now encompass Cameron Park in the 50’s for ranching purposes. Slowly, with the help of others, he divided the land into lots of varying sizes. Cameron Park reflects a wide scope of interests, with ranch sized properties, medium and high density residential, shopping areas, a championship country club, recreational lake and the Airpark Estates. The Cameron Airpark Estates provides a unique opportunity for pilots to commute from home to destination without ever leaving the plane. Wide streets double as taxiways between homes and the airstrip.

Shingle Springs- Originally an early, bustling, California gold mining settlement, Shingle Springs has taken on the character of a peaceful country community with ranches and homes on acreage. The area was riddled with rich placer mines, yielding up to $200 per rocker per day. With the discovery of gold came people and the first general store in 1865. As claims failed, the miners moved on, but cattle ranchers and farmers saw the value in these hills and continued to support the area. The first post office was established on February 3, 1853, and in 1866 the Sacramento Valley Railroad was extended to Shingle Springs. As a railroad terminus, the town boomed with trains and stages departing daily. It became one of the busiest business centers in the Golden State.

Rescue is an unincorporated community in El Dorado County. It borders Cameron Park/Shingle Springs to the north. Rescue consists of primarily rural properties with a few residential neighborhoods and businesses. It shares the same school districts as the northern part of Cameron Park.